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Fountain Hills Friends of the Library
Opportunities Scholarship

  • The Fountain Hills Friends of the Library will provide a scholarship in the amount of up to $3000 to be awarded in the spring of 2025. The Opportunities Scholarship will be awarded to a qualified applicant who resides in the Fountain Hills Extended Community consisting of students living in  Fountain Hills, the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, or Rio Verde. The applicant must be a member of the current high school graduating class or have graduated within the previous 12 months and not previously enrolled in a post-secondary education or training program. Home schooled students may also apply for this award by fulfilling high school graduation requirements. The Scholarship will be payable upon registration in an accredited vocational program or accredited institution of higher learning no later than Fall 2025 and may be renewed for three additional years for a total of up to $12,000.

  • The determination of the recipient of said scholarship shall be left to the discretion of the selection committee designated by the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library Board of Directors..

  • Qualifications to be considered by the Selection Committee include:

    • Recipient must have been a successful volunteer worker at the Fountain Hills Library or Friends of the Library, as determined by the selection committee, at some time during their high school years. Other volunteer or paid work in the Fountain Hills extended community may be considered but will not be weighted as highly in the selection process.

    • The applicant must specify hours and types of volunteer work done at the Fountain Hills Library, Friends of the Library, or other community programs.

    • The applicant must demonstrate a plan to pursue a degree or career training.

    • The applicant must show a desire to pursue their chosen field through such activities as; community service, extra and co-curricular activities, paid work experience and/or volunteer activities.

    • Other qualifications may include belonging to the first generation in their immediate family to attend post-secondary education, financial need and references.

  • The award presented shall be in the form of a certificate entitling the recipient to name the institution or program he or she plans to attend, whereupon the funds will be deposited with that school at the time of registration, to be drawn upon for tuition and fees or course-related materials and supplies.

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply for both scholarships awarded by the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library. No more than one scholarship sponsored by the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library will be awarded to a single applicant.

  • Recipient may request continuation of the scholarship of up to $3000, per year for up to three additional years provided recipient continues in an accredited degree or vocational program, remains in good standing, and can demonstrate appropriate and timely progress towards program completion. Recipients must request continuation in writing each June, along with current transcript or other relevant documentation.

Application will reopen in spring of 2025

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