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Fountain Hills Friends of the Library is proud to recognize the winners of the 2024 FHFL Golden Eagle Scholarship and the 2024 FHFL Opportunities Scholarship.


The FHFL 2024 Golden Eagle Scholarship Winner is Katelyn Smout. Katelyn graduated this May from FHHS and will begin her freshman year at Brigham Young University in the fall with her goal a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Katelyn has lived in Fountain Hills since first grade and has been heavily involved in family, church, school, and community: National Honor Society, Key Club, FHHS Student Government, FHFL. In her dedication to each of these groups, she has demonstrated leadership, spirit, academic excellence and a real desire to be of service to others. Education is a priority for Katelyn’s family and she is grateful for all the support they have given her as she moves toward her new goals and dreams.

The FHFL 2024 Opportunities Scholarship winners are Brooke Lyons and Lulu Camarillo.

Brooke graduated this May from FHHS and has been accepted at ASU. She plans to pursue a degree in Finance through the W. P. Carey School of Business. During the pandemic Brooke became interested in the workings of the stock market and the economy in general. She also gained experience and knowledge during her internship with Silvertree Wealth Partners. While at FHHS she was active in Key Club, the National Honor Society, the Mayor’s Youth Council and the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library. Brooke is grateful for the experiences and friendships these groups provided and hopes to continue to give back to the community as she furthers her education. Inspired by her family, she is most grateful for their support.

Lulu also graduated this May from FHHS. While in school,

Lulu worked as a private math tutor for a 5th grader and spent many hours at Fearless Kitty Rescue.

She credits these experiences with helping her to learn patience and that there are many different and

effective methods of teaching and learning. She was able to utilize her skill set as a participant in the FHHS Internship Program, logging 40 hours interning at Mathnasium. She credits the program with educating her in business management, digital marketing and advertising skills all while she tutored students there. Lulu has always loved to bake and is always pleased to bring smiles to those with whom she shares the results of her culinary expertise. She is hopeful that these skills and her completion of the East Valley Technology Commercial Baking & Pastry Arts program will bring her closer to her dream of opening her own baker


                                                                   Friends of the Library and the Community Center present

                                                                     THE OK CHORALE

                                                                       Saturday, August 4th






Hear amusing short stories from local authors and members of your community.

Do you have a story to tell?? If so please, contact us for information.

Our next event will be held in the Community Center on Thursday, October 10th, 3-5 p.m.

The topic will be "My Most Memorable Vacation”.

We would like you to part of the fun.



Thanks to the Town of Fountain Hills and the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library, there are many fewer boxes of tax returns, medical bills and other assorted records and files piling up in local garages. 


On Saturday, April 20th, well over 100 townsfolk carted their shreddable papers to the FH High School parking lot where a diverse group of volunteers collected and emptied all the boxes of papers into a portable shredding truck. 


The “volunteers” were members of the FHFL Board and the diversity factor came into play when a group of girls from the FHHS Key Club joined in. They were recruited by Katelyn Smout, one of our Teen Reps on the FHFL Board and included Emerson Uphoff, Brooke Lyons, Katie Hampton and Shannon Breen. They added lots of enthusiasm and energy throughout the morning.  


Many thanks to the Town Staff: Bo Larson, Steve Bartlett, Justin Welty and Marc Brewer for their contributions in publicizing the event and setting up the site. This was the first time the event was held at the High School and it worked very well.  

Participants were quite patient even though the line was long and it got pretty warm late in the morning. They were also generous as we collected a number of donations that helped to defray the costs.  Any excess will go to the Friends of the Library for use on future Library needs and community programs. 

Resale Book Shop

Friends of the Library Bookstore is open!

Check out some great reads.

All funds directly support library programs!

Come into the Bookstore and see the special sales that will be going on throughout the year.


FHFL benefits our library and community in the following ways::

  • Opportunities Scholarship

  • Falcon scholarship

  • Resale book Shop

  • Construction of a “Quiet Room” for reading and studying

  • Large screen smart TV for presentations, programs and workshops

  • New furniture with power strips for children and teen area.

  • Teen section laptop tables and chairs; teen section partition panels

  • Children’s “Reading Rug” for Storytime

  • Front Porch Performances such as “Café Flutes”,“SoSco Flute & Guitar Duo” and "Meadowlark

  • Author series events

  • Storytelling events

  • Annual document shredding events

  • Summer reading programs and book clubs for children and adults

  • Grand Canyon Reader Award books for our middle and elementary schools

  • Children's programs and activities

  • Teen council events and teen programs such as “Teen Manga Club”

  • Adult programs such as “Beauty & Heart With Jo”

  • Free seed packets can be found in our seed catalogue box

Saddle up, come in out of the heat, and enjoy the flavor of real cowboy songs. The “Cowboys” in the trio include Tony Pistilli, Bruce Kosaveach, and Jud Schandel. All three are life-long amateur musicians who live in Fountain Hills and are retired professionals from Aerospace, IT industries and the US Military.They have been performing throughout Arizona for ten years in various towns and at private venues, introducing songs with stories about Arizona's history, its outlaws, and how the West was won

This event is Free but as always donations are welcome

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